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Tuesday 9th April 2024

Denim | Herringbone | Merchant Hall | Tweed | Other
When What R
ECR Workshop



Workshop 1

Guide To Publishing
– Paul Norman


Coffee Break


Workshop 2

Building Impact Into Your Research
– Fran Pontin

ECR Social

Dinner+Social, Parkside Tavern

Wednesday 10th April 2024

Denim | Herringbone | Merchant Hall | Tweed | Other
When What R

Coffee, pastries, etc.

ECR Workshop

Workshop 3

Navigating The Night: A Hands-On Workshop With Night Lights And Spatial Data In R
– Elisabetta Pietrostefani






Keynote 1

<Talk Title…>
– Natalia Tejedor Garavito, University of Southampton

GISRUK Session 1

Spatial Modelling 1, Chair: Jon Reades

Analysing Shooting Incidents In New York Using Spatial Regression Techniques
– Chris Brunsdon

Flexurba: An Open-Source R Package To Flexibly Reconstruct The Degree Of Urbanisation Classification.
– Céline Van Migerode, Ate Poorthuis, Ben Derudder

“The Great Blackbury Pie” ~ Or ~ Focal Area Bias In Geographically Weighted Analysis
– Jonny Huck, Matt Dennis, SM Labib


Green Neighbourhoods, Chair: Vikki Houlden

The Walkable Accessibility Score (Was): A Spatially-Granular Open-Source Measure Of Walkability For The Continental Us From 1997-2019
– Kevin Credit, Irene Farah, Emily Talen, Luc Anselin, Hassan Ghomrawi

Exploring The Spatial And Built Environmental Characteristics Of Residential Solar Photovoltaic Implementations In Luxembourg
– Alexander Skinner, Catherine Jones

Towards A National Low Traffic Neighbourhood Dataset
– Chris Larkin, Craig Robson, Alistair Ford


Coffee Break

GISRUK Session 2

Visualization, Chair: Chris Brunsdon

Gridmappr: An R Package For Creating Small Multiple Gridmap Layouts
– Roger Beecham

Evaluating Map Projections For Globe Production
– Jonny Huck

Extending The Moran Scatterplot By Indications Of Critical Values And P-Values: Introducing The Moran Seismogram And The Drop Plot
– René Westerholt


Environment, Chair: Will James

Habitat Connectivity Workflow To Support Decisions And Trade-Offs Between Local Stakeholders
– Vitalii Kriukov, Lucy Bastin, Ivette Serral, Joan Maso

Mapping The Connectivity Of Higher Potential Naturalness Areas In The Uk
– Steve Carver, Jonathan Carruthers-Jones

Landscape Perceptions In The Lake District: Distant And Close Reading In Participatory Gis
– Timna Denwood, Joanna Taylor, Jonny Huck


Conference reception


Social, Roxy Boar Lane

Thursday 11th April 2024

Denim | Herringbone | Merchant Hall | Tweed | Other
When What R

Coffee, pastries, etc.

GISRUK Session 3

Spatial Justice, Chair: Cait Robinson

Bringing Moral Clarity To Urban Planning: Developing Data-Driven Metrics Of Spatial Justice For Neighbourhood Accessibility
– Ruth Nelson, Martijn Warnier, Trivik Verma

Leveraging Machine Learning And Street View Imagery To Study The Association Between Social Inequalities And Visual Walkability In The South Africa Context
– Lingshan Li, Stephen Law

Spatial Empowerment: Participatory And Computational Mapping In El Mina’s Neighbourhoods
– Elisabetta Pietrostefani


Social Media, Chair: Rachel Oldroyd

Understanding The Local Spatial And Temporal Patterns Of Attitudes Towards Immigration Using Twitter Data
– Matt Mason, Francisco Rowe

After The Twitter X-Pocalypse: Approaches To Characterising Human Behaviour In Agent-Based Models And Beyond
– Kirsty Watkinson, Jonny Huck

Can Twitter (X) Be Used To Predict Tourism Patterns? Yes!
– Raidah Hanifah, Nick Malleson, Victoria Houlden, Alexis Comber


Coffee Break

GISRUK Session 4

Greenspace, Chair: Steve Carver

Time In Nature Reduces Socioeconomic Inequalities In Child Mental Wellbeing.
– Fiona Caryl, Paul McCrorie, Natalie Nicholls, Jonathan Olsen, Richard Mitchell

A National Assessment Of Park Quality Across Great Britain
– Jessica Hepburn, Fiona Caryl, Jonathan Olsen, Rich Mitchell

Identification Of Green Corridors As A Type Of Urban Green Spaces.
– Irada Ismayilova, Sabine Timpf


Neighbourhood Analysis, Chair: Nick Malleson

Capturing High Street Dynamics On A Finer Scale: A Case Study In The Context Of Covid-19
– Xinglei Wang, Jia Shi, Tao Cheng

Leveraging Advances In Large Language Models For Neighbourhood Delineation In The London Housing Market
– Vlad Tesniere, Stephen Law

Do Good Schools Really Push Up Property Prices? Disentangling School And Neighbourhood Effects With Empirical Evidence From Brighton, England
– Josiah Tan, Adam Dennett


Ecology, Chair: Na Yan

A Spatially Explicit Model Of Beaver River-Floodplains: Understanding Drivers And Mapping Opportunities For Restoration.
– Matt Dennis, Christof Angst, Josh Larsen, Annegret Larsen

Automatic Detection Of Native Invasive Rush Species With Aerial Imagery And Deep Learning
– Oliver King, Duncan Whyatt, Ce Zhang, Carly Stevens

– <–>, <–>

GISRUK Lunch | Posters | Keynote

Lunch + Posters


Keynote 2

Place And Your Plate: The Importance Of Geography In Food Behaviours
– Michelle Morris, Universiry of Leeds

GISRUK Session 5

Earth Observation, Chair: Andrew Maclachlan

Improving Deep Neural Net Aerial Lidar Point Cloud Object Classification Accuracy Using A Second Processing Pass
– Fauzy Othman, Phil Bartie

Introducing Overture: A Cloud-Native Global Map
– Matt Travis, Tomas Holderness, John Powell, Mark Varley

Is A (Satellite) Image Worth A Thousand Data Points? Comparing Machine Learning Approaches For Predicting Social And Environmental Inequalities Across England.
– Antje Barbara Metzler, Martin Fleischmann, Anna Zanchetta, Jon Yong, Stuart Lynn, Dani Arribas-Bel


Transport Sensors, Chair: Ed Manley

Towards Situational Awareness Of Urban Pedestrian Flows: An Assessment Of Data Quality On The Performance Of Predictive Models
– Carrow Morris-Wiltshire, Stuart Barr, Phil James

Managing Variability: A Sensitivity Analysis Approach Applied To Mobile App Data
– Nilufer Sari Aslam, Zhong Chen, Yikang Wang

Deriving Flow Patterns From Gps In-App Mobile Phone Data
– Mikaella Mavrogeni, Paul Longley, Justin Van Dijk


Health, Chair: Fran Pontin

Developing The First Multi-Dimensional Measure Of Access To Health-Related Features For Warsaw, Poland
– Michal Iliev, James Cheshire

Identifying Areas Of Poor Health Outcome Risk Due To Food Insecurity – A Geographically Weighted Regression Approach
– Ahmad Ammash, Fran Pontin, Emily Ennis, Alexander Hambley

Investigating The Impact Of Housing Energy Efficiency On Indoor Environment At The Overheating Summer – A Study In Southwark, London
– Yunbei Ou, Congying Hu, Qunshan Zhao


Coffee Break

GISRUK Session 6

Labour Markets and Cities, Chair: Nick Hood

A Geospatial Analysis Of Job Satisfaction And Wfh Trends In The Uk During Covid-19
– Chuang Liu, Danat Valizade, Tao Cheng

From The Beer Orders To Last Orders –Legislation, Taxation And The Modern Beer Landscape Of London
– Adam Dennett, Jakub Wyszomierski, Steven Gray

– <–>, <–>


Public Transport, Chair: Keiran Suchak

Origin-Destination-Based Public Transport Connectivity Measures For Enhancing Service Equity
– Howard Wong, Ed Manley

Creating A National Classification Of The Level Of Bus Service Provision: A Case Study Of Wales
– Scott Orford, Sam Jones, Andrew Price, Jeff Morgan

An Open-Source Web-Based Solution For Interactive Assessment Of Accessibility Via Public Transport
– Liam Webb, Gary Higgs, Mitchel Langford


Conference Dinner, The Faversham

Friday 12th April 2024

Denim | Herringbone | Merchant Hall | Tweed | Other
When What R

Coffee, pastries, etc.

GISRUK Session 7

Water, Chair: Jonny Huck

Designing A Tank Prioritisation Index For Sri Lanka: A Geospatial Approach
– Sophie Ayling, Fulvio Lopane, Yi Rong Hoo, Qiao Wang, Mohammad Shamsudduha, Aroha Bahuguna, George Joseph

Closing The Gap: A Spatially Targeted Approach To Water Point Rehabilitation In Tanzania
– Andrew MacLachlan, Sophie Ayling, Aziz Mutabuzi, Singolile Mwamwaja, Fravius Kalisa, Aidan Coville, Jerome Sansonetti, George Joseph, Ruth Kennedy Walker, Toyoko Kodama

Spatial Patterns Of Tank Decline And Rejuvenation In The Kaveri River Catchment, South India
– Charlotte Evans, Jonny Huck, Matthew Dennis


Spatial Modelling 2, Chair: Sarah Wise

Analysing Global Policy Responses To Covid-19: An Agent-Based Model To Explore The Stringency In Policies
– Jayita Chakraborty, Nick Malleson

Disaggregating Census Data For Population Mapping Using A Bayesian Additive Regression Tree Model
– Ortis Yankey, Utazi Chigozie, Christopher Nnanatu, Assane Gadiaga, Thomas Abbot, Attila Lazar, Andrew Tatem

Using A Spatial Statistical Model To Explore Voting Behaviour In The Uk 2019 General Election
– Kevin Horan, Katarina Domijan, Chris Brunsdon


Coffee Break

GISRUK Session 8

Climate Solutions, Chair: Craig Robson

From Birmingham To The West Midlands: Scaling Up Climate Risk And Vulnerability Mapping
– Sarah Greenham, Emma Ferranti, Nick Cork, Stephen Jones, Jian Zhong, Bethany Haskins, Nick Grayson, Simon Needle, Joe Acton, Rob MacKenzie

Modelling The Cooling Effects Of Urban Canals
– Matthew Tomkins, Harry Mcdonald, Jonathan Huck, Joanne Tippett, Stephanie Elliott, Eoin Harris, Cem Maxwell

Dynamic Wildfire Risk Modelling
– Abdelrahman Ibrahim, Lex Comber, Steve Carver, Stuart Hodkinson


Transport Methods, Chair: Alistair Ford

Interrogating The Spatio-Temporal Dynamics Of Urban Footfall Using Principal Component Analysis
– Nick Malleson, Jack Liddle

A Deep Learning Framework For Missing Information Imputation In Traffic Crash Records
– Wilson Gao, Xinke Jiang, James Haworth, Huanfa Chen, Ilya Ilyankou

Reproducible Methods For Network Simplification For Data Visualisation And Transport Planning
– Robin Lovelace, Zhao Wang, Will Deakin, Josiah Parry


Coffee Break


Keynote 3

<Talk Title…>
– Levi Wolf, University of Bristol


Awards and Close


Takeaway lunch